Die Newcomerin Alma zeigt uns ihre 10 Dancefloor Fillers

Alma ist eine junge Musikerin aus Finnland, die momentan das Popgeschäft ziemlich aufmischt. Ihre Single „Karma“ schoss schnell durch die Decke und nun steht sie mit Felix Jaehn auf der Matte. Dieser macht ja momentan offensichtlich selbst aus Scheisse gold. Gold ist ein gutes Stichwort, denn Alma gibt sich sehr extrovertiert. So sind ihre Haare mal gelb, mal grün…mal gold? Mittlerweile treibt Alma sich regelmäßig in Berlin rum und arbeitet an ihrer Musikkarriere. Mit uns hat sie über Mangas gesprochen und uns ihre ganz persönlichen Dancefloor Fillers gezeigt.
Hey Alma! Let’s start with an easy one: could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hey! I am 20 years old singer and songwriter from the cold Finland!

Have you ever tried to google your name? I did it and found out, that there’s a manga character called Alma Karma! Has it anything to do with your name or is it coincidence?

Haha yes! I have tried and found out about the manga thing! I didn’t know anything about it before! But it is cool.

Your single „Karma“ is massive! Could you maybe tell us about the idea behind it?

Thank you <3 These ”You can’t break me” kind of songs are my favourite ones at the moment! Because of course there is always someone who doesn’t believe in you or just being mean to you. Karma is a song that I needed to write for myself! Writing these kind of songs is like therapy for me and they help me to do my best in any way!

Finland isn’t that known for his great pop music, right? Does Helsinki have an impact on your style and music or would you describe yourself as a pretty ‘international’ person?

Yeah that is true! We only have big rock bands! But yes of course Finland has influenced me a lot! Especially the roughest and the darkest lyrics that I have made are in the songs I have started making in Finland. We have a long and dark winter so I have a lot of time to write those kind of songs! Also the local youth is a big influence to my music!

And a very last one: what would you call a perfect Friday night?

Me and my gang out in a cool club with good music and interesting people! Lots of cheap drinks and tequila!

Wir feiern Felix Jaehn zwar nicht so, posten die neue Single von ALMA aber trotzdem:


Auf der zweiten Seite erfahrt ihr zu welchen Tracks ALMA auf der Tanzfläche abgeht.

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