Interview mit Youth Club For Rich Kids

Hi guys, hope you’re fine! How about quick introduction of you and your band?

1452090_685601991474192_65929271_nHey man, It’s Conor and Alex from Maidenhead Indie 4 piece Youth Club For Rich Kids.

Why the name „Youth Club For Rich Kids“. Are you really that posh?

We are asked this question a lot, but no not really! We are pretty normal guys overall. The name is unique and sets us apart a bit, so that is why we went for it.

How would you describe your sound in a few words?

Relevant, Catchy, Youthful, Energetic.

„Such Romance“ maybe is my favourite track of you. What’s it about?

We wrote „Such Romance“ about 2 years ago now, so it’s awesome that people still listen to and talk about it today. Without giving too much away, I guess the song focuses on a failing relationship or friendship. It was an answer to Sinead O’Connor’s complete works.

What can we expect from you in near future? Maybe an album or an EP?

We’re planning on releasing an EP in 2014 which we’re excited about! Playing shows across the country is something we definitely want to do ,and branching out to Europe is also something we’ve spoken about.

The horrible Drum-and-Bass DJ „John B“ is the only thing, I could find out about Maidenhead. Could you quickly describe your hometown? How’s the music scene?

John B is crazy man! We had a guy from Maidenhead who went on the X-Factor which was funny. Maidenhead’s music scene is pretty dead at the moment especially for indie bands. This might be because kids just want to play video games all day, or are too angry to play mellow music like us.

You’ve recently posted a cover version of „Breezeblocks“, which is great by the way! Are Alt-J an inspiration for you guys?

Yeah Alt-J have inspired us in certain ways! We love the way they use so little to create such a euphoric sound. They have got it nailed.

I’ve seen a picture of you sitting in a football stadium. Are you into sports? What’s your favourite team?

We love sports! Football is our favourite sport. We (Alex and Conor) support Chelsea, Liam supports Spurs and Harry supports Fulham, so there is a real London rivalry running throughout the band. Alex is a massive fan of American sport and used to study basketball and American Football statistics 24/7. Harry once played Rugby when he was like 7 too, which apparently makes him an expert.

Let’s talk about less serious things. What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

I (Conor) accidentally chucked a drumstick at Alex’s girlfriends face, who i’d never met before. It was more tragic than funny now i think about it though!

The next question is a tough one. If you had one day to spend with an Artist, who would it be?

Conor: Left Brain from Mellowhype because people say we look a like

Alex: James Blake or Oliver Sim

Well guys, i’ve to admit that i quite like the newest song from Pitbull ft. Kesha (don’t hate me now). What are you musical guilty pleasures?

Haha we won’t hate you for that! Pitbull‘s kind of creepy though… personally I (Conor) really like Wiley and i guess i’m into Gwen Stefani as well. I know that Alex is a big fan of Eve and Harry likes any musical project involving Macaulay Culkin. As for Liam, a lot of what he listens to can be seen as pretty guilty.

And a very last one, what’d you call a perfect friday night?

Singstar, delicious meal, beers, hit the town, kebab, throw up in your own bed, singstar.

Thanks for taking your time guys! It’s been a pleasure guys. Cheers!

Cheers man! BIG LOVE to The Postie x

Hier könnt ihr euch den Song „Such Romance“ anhören:

[soundcloud url=“″ params=“color=ff5500″ width=“100%“ height=“166″ iframe=“true“ /]




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