Interview mit Vuvuvultures

Let’s start with a quick introduction of Vuvuvultures! How would you describe yourself as a band?

54247We’re a four-piece rock band from London with a deep love of electronic music, good grooves and loud noises.

You released your first album ‘’Push/ Pull’’ this summer (2013), Congrats ! And apparently you describe your music genre as ‘’ The sound of dirty eating microchips’’. What’s the story behind this crazy Metaphor?

There may be a missing noun from that sentence! I think we were trying to describe the welding together of more traditional ‘band’ sounds with electronic influences – in a chaotic but enjoyable way.

The opener of  ‘’ Push/ Pull’’ which is called ‘’Ctrl Alt Mexicans’’ has an intriguing Title. I’m curious, why this Title and what is it about?

That one was named after a noise sample that was spawned in the dark recesses of our studio. There’s plenty more where that came from! Basically it sounded like we fed our laptop a burrito.

The term ‘’Goth’’ is often referred to Vuvuvultures. Is this reference relevant to you?

No, we find it quite confusing. Your parents might think we’re goth but really we just wear a lot of black as it stays clean for longer. We use some dark imagery, and some of our songs are a little on the dramatic side. That might be why people use the term – in the absence of a better adjective. But we’ve certainly never aimed to be part of any particular scene. We have some cross-over appeal, but goth is not a word we would use to describe ourselves.  Maybe it’s because we were all born in tropical countries and now we live with grey skies. We used to wear colour!

You often play shows in London and people are never bored about them because each show is fully different and special ! Could you tell me more about it ? Which show was the craziest you had until now?

One of our favourites was our most recent one at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. It was hugely gratifying to see such a big crowd come to see us there, along with our friends Slaves and Skinny Girl Diet. One reviewer said our logo looked like a sign from a seedy sex motel on a dark winter’s night. There was smoke everywhere and the sweat was flying. Good times!

Which song on your album do you think is the most powerful in terms of lyrics and sound of course? (this one is for each member of the band)

Matt: I have always identified really strongly with The Strangler. It’s a dark little tale, filled with malice!

Nicole: My favourite lyrically at the moment is Tell No One, it’s also got a pretty intense pulse through the whole thing, nice drum groove, mexican guitar line and a loop that makes me think of Dr. Dre. Full marks!

You created a drum machine, like artists created ‘’Installations’’, out of debris ! You called it ‘’ Itchy’’ ( Cute Name) ! Why is it so special ? What about  your ‘’ Unsound’’? 

“Itchy” was fun to make. It’s nice to have an idea in your head and try bring it into reality. It’s something that really appeals to us all in the way we live our lives. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘unsound’ although if it’s reference to our sanity we probably do bat for that team.

Your sound evolves to a song while jamming and making ‘’noise’’ all together with your instruments ! But what are your musical influences ? Which genre of music do you guys listen to? 

We like a lot of 70’s music, Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Doors we also cross over on bands like The Pixies and Portishead. We all have quite different tastes in music so it can be quite a challenge to cross over at times but that’s why song writing always remains entertaining for us. Bit like Will Smith fighting Jim Morrison with Nintendo guns.

What is the best which has been written until now? (for each member of the band) 

I think for all of us the song we have written most recently at the time usually feels like the best. A lot of the songs on our album were written years ago and we’re excited to have it out there and move onto fresh songs now.

Which band would you dream and hope to go on tour with?

Existing options, probably Pixies, Portishead, Death Grips, The Cure… There’s so many great artists out there it’s difficult to choose!

According to you, who is the best newcomer of 2013? 

He isn’t a new comer but one of the most exciting albums for (Nicole and Paul) this year was “Immunity” by Jon Hopkins.

What are your plans for the future ? Will we see Vuvuvultures in Luxembourg or at any music festival in 2014?

I certainly hope so! We plan to go to as many festivals and countries as we can next year as well as write a lot of new music.

Last but not least, what would you call a perfect Friday night?

Nicole: Drinking red wine with a drum machine and some instruments under moonlight on a WARM beach. I have done it once before and so far it has been the best.

Hier gibt’s den Song „Empurrar /Puxar“ in voller Länge: 




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