Interview mit Tropics

The whole album is a very personal and heart on sleeve piece of work!

Hey! How are you? Well, how about introducing yourself as a start?

Hi, Im good. Sat in my flat on the morning of new years eve with some time to kill. Im 27 years old, currently living in east london and writing music every day.

The release date for your new album is coming nearer and nearer. Are you excited?

I am yeah. I’d been working on it for a while and then it was cue’d up for a release a while back. This has given me plenty of time to prep the live show and lots of other fun content to go with it.

What can you tell us about your new songs? What are the differences between Rapture and Parodia Flare?

There’s a few years between these two albums, which have flown by. I figured I’d take a stroll into the territory of songwriting which became more and more fascinating to me. I released a couple of ep’s which were a bit of a departure from the first album. All part of the journey. Rapture I feel is quite a varied album in style, but all resides in it’s own world, in the same way Parodia Flare did. I find it carries scars of the first LP, or its like Parodia Flare’s older brother or something, when I think about them together.

Your newest single „Blame“ is so sensitive. It’s a beauty! What’s the story behind it?

Yeah it’s quite a delicate one to kick off with. The whole album is a very personal and heart on sleeve piece of work, which I hadn’t necessarily planned so it was probably a good idea to dive in at the deep end.

Your sound is full of influences! Some ambient, some avantgarde, some classic singer/-songwriter stuff. So how would you explain your sound to a deaf person?

Thats a good question. I think it could be reflected in colours. It’s kinda like this:

How important is remixing for you?

Important in the way that I enjoy it and I love producing for other singers. Remixing is a very similar craft.

For an artist like you the studio must be like a lab, experimenting with all these different genres and sounds! Is it hard for you to transmit this feeling in your live performances?

Its definitely a different energy. I wouldn’t say it was difficult, its a fun approach. I look forward to getting in the rehearsal studio with the band and figuring out the best way to perform a song together. Its a fun process, we just jam it out until we get the best vibe.

Names of artists sound often quite stupid, in contrast to TROPICS! Could you maybe tell us more about this rather cool name?

Oh thanks haha. Glad you guys like it. I wasn’t thinking to deeply about it but it was bold and memorable. I think it evokes a warm and approachable feeling, to me anyway, thats why it’s stuck.

Does Great Britain with als his great musicians and songwriters have a big impact to our music? A big impact on my music?

It certainly does. Nearly everyone around me, almost all of my friends are involved in or making music. It’s a hot topic and definitely keeps me on my toes!

If you had to name one artist to keep an eye on, who would it be? And why?

Personally I’d recommend keeping an eye on Kadhja Bonet. Im listening to her in the background. Beautiful voice and timeless production

And a very last one, which we ask to every artist. What would you call a perfect friday night?

A perfect friday night would be dinner and drinks at my flat (i like to play host), with my closest friends and then onto meet more friends for drinks elsewhere!

Thanks for taking your time Chris! It was a pleasure!


Hier kann man sich die brandneue Single „Rapture“aus dem gleichnamigen Album, das  am 16. Februar erscheinen wird:

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