Interview mit The Orange Revival

Hey Guys , you are The Orange Revival,  a Sweden-based band! Could you quickly introduce yourself ?

63941_618045821546125_1507191525_nWe are a four piece band based in Sweden,  Andreas Axelsson plays the drums, Volter Hagman on bass, Christian Eldefors on organ/guitar, and Eric Strand on Guitar/vocals.

The first time I listened to your  records I thought  you were based in deep lost Texas/ U.S.A because of your gorgeous pschedelic sound! What are your influences?

Oh we listen to ,and get inspired by alot of bands.  But some bands who always will be a big inspiration are:  Velvet underground, Townes van zandt, Spacemen 3 , Brian jonestown massacre, Elliot smith, The Beatles , Stooges, Mc5 etc + many more.

When did you found ‘’The Orange Revival’’?

I recorded some songs in a small cottage at my parents yard including ¨How do you feel¨which was the first¨ official OR song I think.  And then I put together a band like 1 year later and started to play some shows around in sweden,  Then the lineup changed to what it is now and since then we have been over to the Us twice etc ,and we are working on a new album right now.

Does the swedish culture have an impact on your sound?

I guess it do. But I think the Weather has the biggest impact on our sound.  Usually its very dark and grey  but then once in a while the sun shows ,and then it feels like you are in paradise. and thats a good feeling.

I think the the mix of very short days here during winter + the Very long days during summer  + the cold weather  has some impact on our sound.

Your first Record „Black smoke Rising“ came out in 2011. Could you quickly explain how the song releasing process works? Do you guys firstly write the lyrics and then match the music?

Im not sure for how long we worked on the record. Some songs where new and some where old  and we didn’t really care to much about how it sounded, as long as it was alright. We didn’t have 20 songs and cut it down to 8. more likely 7 and cut it up to 8.  (Hehe)

It was fun to do it but It feels a bit like it was a demo to show what we did,  and not really a debut album.

In 2013 you released the single „Lying in the Sand“! What about a second record?

„Lying in the sand“ was released last spring and now we have recorded a new 7¨single which will be out this spring and then a new 12 this summer/fall. We are really exited about letting the people hear what it sounds like now.

Where do you guys usually record ? Is there a secret place in the wood?

We usually record by ourselves with some help from good friends, after that we mix it  and then finally  send it over for the mastering. Last 7¨was sent to the Uk and mastered by Pete Kember.

Which artists designed your album/single Covers? And what do they reflect?

I’m (Eric) have been doing our artwork. They reflect things that we like I guess.

Let’s get less serious now! Your band name is not very common and lets me think of a shaman’s altered state of consciousness! Why The Orange revival?

I love the color and it is a very strong color in many ways.

And last but not least ! What would you call a perfect Friday night?

Hmm.. maybe to come home and see a new Van on our driveway. Cause the one we had caught fire so we dont have one now. If anyone who reads this interview feels that they got some spare money.. we really need a van and if you buy us one we will come and play a private show at your place + stripe our car with your name on it!. (if you live in europe)   Cheers!



Hier kann man sich den Song „Lying in The Sand“ nochmals anhören:


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