Interview mit Morzsa Records, Teil 3

I want people to try, to sit there and understand the music.

Here it is: Der letzte Teil unseres Interviews mit Morzsa Records dreht sich ganz um Musik, von Vorbildern und Enttäuschungen bis zu einer schwierigen Wahl. Nach dem Interview findet ihr dann exklusiv das neue Video zu „Ticket for Travelling“.

What are your icons and most important influences?

Endre: Tom Waits, Beck, Mike Patton. Those are my top three.

Freddie: For me, I’d say Kevin Barnes and of Montreal were a huge influence, also Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel. When I was in high-school, Bright Eyes changed my life. Whenever I go through a break-up, I still return to Bright Eyes. But right now, from the research I’ve done for another project we have, I’m mostly interested in French Coldwave and British and American Darkwave. But for me, if you want to break my heart, it will always be Jeff Mangum and Kevin Barnes.

Justin: My enduring favourite band, which took me many many years – I always resisted having a favourite band, because I think it’s a stupid idea…

Freddie: It is. But one day or another you have to do an interview. [laughs.]

Justin: But finally, after many years of saying that, I think I can say that my favourite band is the Talking Heads. Also Jeff Mangum, from Neutral Milk Hotel. And if I wanted to throw something in there that influenced me when I was very young, to start playing the kind of music that I play, I would have to say Fugazi.

Freddie: For me, Fugazi is not so much a stylistic influence as a moral one. Fugazi has been a huge moral influence on this whole band, I think. [Looks to Noémi and Endre.] Whether or not you guys know it.

Noémi: I have, I guess, the most eclectic taste in this band. I was raised by Acid Jazz music, but I cannot say that this is my favourite music. What I appreciated first, what I explored first, was Zemfira. She’s a Russian musician and she is great, check it out. She was the first one, but the most important to me are Shostakovich, Brahms and Mahler. And most recently, it’s Timber Timbre. That’s why I’d say it’s really an eclectic pot.

What about this year’s music? What have been your favourite albums, disappointments or music you’re looking forward to?

Justin: The last Timber Timbre album, „Hot Dreams“, was excellent. We all listened to that quite a bit this year.

Freddie: It was last year actually, but I still can’t get over it: „Shrines“ by Purity Ring. It’s one of my favourite albums from the last couple of years. Fucking phenomenal. And also one of my biggest lyrical influences. Huge disappointments? Yeah, the new Beyoncé record, man! We gave it a fair shot, we really did, it’s just…

Endre: I was really disappointed by half of the last Arcade Fire album, „Reflektor“. It came out as a double album so I think I can say half of it I hate, half of it I love.

Freddie: There you go. Morzsa Records is less than impressed with half of Arcade Fire. Let them know.

Now we have a thing we call „Quickies“…

Freddie: Heyo!

Sorry, not that kind. I will give you a pair of terms and you have to choose the one you prefer. Let’s start with these: USA or Europe?

Justin: USA.

Endre: Europe.

Freddie: For music? Yeah, USA.

Endre: Well, for music, actually… yeah, America, too.

morzsa records partypic

Bob Dylan or Bright Eyes?

Freddie: I’m gonna go with Bright Eyes, only because he never stopped being a sad, pathetic bastard and Bob Dylan stopped being a leftist forward-thinker.

Endre: Bob Dylan.

Justin: Oh man, you’re killing me. Good question, but so hard! I really love both, but when I think about Bob Dylan in the ’80s – it’s bad! He means a lot to me, but then Bright Eyes also mean a lot to me. I’ll go with Bright Eyes.

Studio or concert?

All in unison: Concert.

Bands you like: albums or seeing them live?

Justin: Albums. I don’t really like to see bands live.

Freddie: I’d say album as well. I want to know about their vision, what they want us to hear.

Noémie, die ein paar Minuten zuvor den Dachboden verlassen hat, kommt in diesem Moment zurück und wird von Justin direkt zu den vorherigen Quickies befragt.

Noémi: Wow. Album, to listen to. And with this band, it’s more playing live than recording, because it’s smaller and more confident.

Freddie: American or European music?

Noémi: Wow, what the fuck is that question?! I really appreciate that I left in time, I’ll continue to do that… [She turns to leave again.]

Freddie: America or Europe?

Noémi: Fuck this shit! [Everybody laughs.]

The last one: slow, dancey tunes or the upbeat, Folk Punk songs you play?

Endre: I go for slow.

Noémi: Nineties, nineties party!

Justin: I’m for our upbeat stuff, I still want to play in Punk bands.

Freddie: Ok, I would go for slow as well, because I think it’s more of a challenge to get people. Everybody loves the beat stuff, but I want people to try, I want them to sit there and fucking understand the music.

If you had one wish for a band, no matter how famous, to play as your support: which one would you choose?

Freddie: I would take New Science Projects from Denton, Texas. They are a great band.

Noémi: Modest Mouse.

Endre: Cseh Tamás. He is a Hungarian songwriter who died a couple of years ago.

Justin: I would say Kevin Barnes and his acoustic band.

And finally: What would a perfect Friday night look like to you?

Endre: Cycling ten hours. [laughs.]

Justin: Play a show with our band, then leave that show and head to our favourite bar. Then we would go home and cook dinner together and then…

Freddie: … sleep over and have a brunch in the morning. Yes, that would be perfect.


An dieser Stelle ein großes „Thank you!“ an die Band, FreddieJustinNoémi und Endre. Falls ihr die ersten beiden Teile unseres Interviews mit der Band noch nicht gelesen habt, geht es hier zu Teil 1 und Teil 2. Und nun dürfen wir euch stolz das neue Video von Morzsa Records präsentieren. Viel Spaß mit „Ticket for Travelling“!

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