Interview mit Dexters

Hi  guys! Thanks for taking your time. How about a quick introduction of yourselves? Dexters was established since 2011, but got massive attention in 2013. In your opinion, why did it take so long to get the recognition you deserve?

64784_614047638611180_2015042184_nWell we started in December of 2011 so it wasn’t that long but we were a different band then we hadn’t found  our feet yet we where still trying stuff out but yeah by 2013 after loads of gigs we knew the band we wanted to be.

You’re going to release your first debut album on the 17th of March. What should people expect of it?

They should expect an exciting album of great songs the best debut  album of the year.

Why did you pick the title „Shimmer Gold“? It has a quite extravagant vibe to be honest.

It’s a song on the album which is about getting away from it all and looking at someone in a new light .

If you had to describe your album in three words, what would they be?

Really fucking great!

You’ve already been supporting bands like The Courteeners, The Strokes or The View. Does any of these bands or experiences have an impact on your sound and on your career? 

We haven’t supported The Strokes, that would I been amazing but yeah we  have supported some top bands and it definitely makes you up your game and gives you something I aim for.

Is it hard for you as a so-called classic Indie Rock band to get the attention it needs?

Sometimes yeah a lot of people have a pre conceived notion about guitar band made up of 5 working class boys but we will keep doing what we are doing and get them in the end.

If you had to compare your band to others, which bands would you chose?

If say we sound like a mix between the clash and The La’s.

Your brilliant single „Start To Run“ got first featured on Soccer AM. Are you interested in football? What’s your favourite team then?

Very much so we are all mad Arsenal fans.
Let’s get less serious. Your gigs look like fun! What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you at a gig?

They are fun we have had some great stage invasions where we have all ended up off stage while fans are on stage dancing. We got given our own Dexters kit kats from a fan once that was pretty surreal.

And a very last question; what would you call a perfect Friday night?

A packed out Dexters gig then on to an indie nightclub.



Die aktuelle Single „Recover“ der Band:



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