Interview mit Dead Ghosts

Hey you are Dead Ghosts , it’s a real pleasure to do this interview with you for our blog! Let’s start with a quick introduction of you as a band ! Why Dead Ghosts?

946846_583076595078493_1708522876_nHaha I can’t really say why. I was young, maybe 20 when we recorded a few songs and needed a name to put them under. I was really into Dead Moon, so I wanted a name like that, and we liked making music that sounded haunted. So somehow Dead Ghosts made sense at the time.

You are a Vancouver based Band but your sound reflects more the hot surfing.

We always liked the classics and old garage songs. A lot of those songs had surfy undertones as well. Early on it was classic stuff and the newer garage punk wave coming out around the mid 2000’s – King Khan & BBQ Show, Black Lips and Demon’s Claws were big influences.

Your first album „S/T“ came out end of 2010. Your second record, „Can’ get no“ came out this year under the label Burger records. Congrats! What did you do between this gap of three years ? Do you work beside being musicians?

Yes! We took some time off, worked, went to school. We never took it very seriously, it was always more of a hobby than anything. After we put out the new record we’ve started touring a lot more.

Back to ‘ Can’t get no’, what was your inspiration for this album?

Idk :(

What’s the story behind your third track „Summer with Phil“?

Someone asked me that a while ago, and it dawned on me that almost all our songs are about girls/love, or getting fucked up. But that song is sort of about seasonal depression. I named it after a friend of mine, Phil, he doesn’t suffer from seasonal depression, just sounded like a good title.

Which song took the most time to write/ record?

We have this song called „Roky Said“, it’s loosely about Roky Erikson from the 13th Floor Elevators. Initially the song was about Ray Davies. For some reason I was taking Kinks lyrics and using them, anyways it took a while, eventually it changed to Roky and it came together really quick.

According to you as a band, what is your favorite track from the album?

I don’t have a favourite. I hate them all equally.

Let’s get less serious now guys, what was the most freaky concert you have ever played until today? Which funny things happened there?

We’ve played a lot of really bad shows.

We played this house show in Eugene, Oregon on our first US tour. It was pretty awful. Like most shows booked, you don’t really know what to expect until you get there. We rolled up to this frat house of stoners playing beer pong. The opening band sounded like Korn. After we played we got really high and got Mexican food.

Your most hated song (for each member of the band) ?

Most hated Dead Ghosts song? We hate all our songs equally.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re going to do another record in a January – hopefully release it by the end of the year. The plan is to tour for most of 2014.

The last question is always the best : What would you call a perfect Friday night?

It’s a toss-up between playing music with my friends, and doing mushrooms at the beach.

Thank you Dead Ghosts! I wish you all the best for the future and good luck with you forthcoming record!



Hier könnt ihr euch den Song „Summer With Phil“ in voller Länge anhören:




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