Das Duo Throws hat uns exklusive Einblicke in die einzelnen Songs ihres Albums gewährt

Throws sind schon ein besonderes Duo. Vor einigen Monaten standen die beiden Briten auf einmal mit einem Debütvideo auf der Matte und niemand wusste so da draußen so wirklich wieso, weshalb, warum. Was aber von Anfang an klar war, war die Tatsache, dass man mehr von diesem Sound haben wollte. Mittlerweile weiß man wer sich hinter dem skandinavisch-britischem Indie-Pop versteckt. Sam Genders und Mike Lindsay haben ihr Debütalbum „Full Time Hobby“ in Reykjavik aufgenommen. Genau dem Ort an dem sie vier Jahre lang gelebt haben. Mit uns ist das aufregende Duo jeder ihrer neun Songs persönlich noch einmal durchgegangen.

The Harbour

Sam Genders: Life is short. Make the most of it and each other. This is possibly the song which really got us inspired about the direction the record could go in.

Mike Lindsay: I wrote the main phrase whist having many cups of coffee alone in the old fisherman’s cafe in old reykjavik harbour.. its a very beautiful cafe with some real characters . I used to go there to think and that summer.. i really had a lot on my mind.

Punch Drunk Sober

Sam Genders: It’s a relationship break up song and is partly about that reactive place you can get to in a relation ship when you almost feel like mortal enemies. Every loaded thing one of you says can set of an emotional reaction in the other and your reactions bounce off each other until you no longer know what you were arguing about in the first place.

Mike Lindsay: Yes… Those volatile drunken love fights… intense.. beautiful, scary, stupid and in my case too much, and too many to handle i never want another one with anybody!


Silence In Between

Sam Genders: This is the antidote to punch drunk and it’s about learning and coming to terms with life as it is. Becoming aware of the beauty in life and in relationships that is always close by.

Mike Lindsay: Sam pretty much wrote this song in 20minutes… he disappeared into the live room whilst i was tinkering with some noises.. and then reappeared saying what do you think of this??? it was just how i remembered working with him in the old days… so much poetic beauty just puts out of him when he is inspired…. been though this song is Sams Lyrics.. i can relate to every word.. and feel that it echoes many of our late night chats during that time..

High Pressure Front

Sam Genders: It’s about relationships and the way they exert pressure on your sense of who you are. A high pressure front will often lead to warm clear weather in the same way that the pressures of a relationship can lead to a period of personal growth that can in turn make life seem warmer, easier, clearer.

Mike Lindsay: This tune really made us dance around the studio screaming!! when we wrote the 2nd half which started as a kinda joke.. almost like we were writing for Elton John… suddenly it all clicked into place… what a strange a special song… total Northern wonk soul!


Sam Genders: To me it’s about being in the moment. Accepting and seizing whatever is actually there and wielding that like a knife that cuts through all the confusion and make-believe in your mind.

Mike Lindsay: The Craziest Drum beat ever… We had these other Rhythms for this tune.. but when i played to Maggi.. he looked kinda bored.. and at the last take. he said „hey what about this??“ its like some skewed hip hop beat.. Totally made the tune for me…

Sun Gun

Sam Genders: It’s about the aftermath of a breakup and the loss you feel when you move away and begin to lose touch with what feels like half of all the things there were important to you.

Mike Lindsay: Actually the title came from a pub chat with an icelandic girl who told me that her band when she was 12 was called Sun gun… I loved that name and started writing a tune around it… To me .. thats exactly what i needed sometimes… a Sun gun.. something to shoot me all the good memories and sweet people that have been around me.. when you’re feeling down..

Play The Part

Sam Genders:It’s about struggling to feel what is real in life and what really matters and feeling like you’re justplaying a part all the time.

Mike Lindsay:Bombastic Icelandic male drinking choir singing on this one!!

Learn Something

Sam Genders: It’s full of hope this one. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and things fall apart. The hope is that we’ll always learn something from that.

Mike Lindsay: This was the song where sam started singing in the falsetto voice after a few beers.. that set off the whole flavour for the album.. such a simple halt time melody and a great premise…. over a very odd wonk time tune..

Under The Ice

Sam Genders: It’s imaging looking back on a relationship that didn’t work out with sadness and a touch of longing. We sometimes have adventures with people who mean everything to us and then at some point things break apart and they become part of our past and we can no longer connect with them in the same way. Those past adventures and people can take on an unreal almost magical quality.

Mike Lindsay: Sam already had written this poem… and it still brings me to tears every time .. his voice, so natural.. and words that are halfway between fantasy and reality…


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